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About me


A Montrealer since birth, I got hooked on photography while studying Fine Arts at Concordia University in the late 1970's.  I chose photography, and street photography, in particular, believing that it was perhaps a more accessible or democratic artistic medium. 


After graduating in 1981, life circumstances were such that I did not attempt to live off artistic pursuits, choosing instead to follow other social and professional interests.  Nevertheless, no matter what, I kept up with photography as a creative outlet and as a way of staying sane in the concrete jungle.


For the longest time, I only took black and white photographs and I had a little darkroom set up wherever I happened to be living.  In 1994, I took a course to learn how to develop color photographs.  In 2005, I embarked on the adventure of digital photography and never looked back. 


I take pictures of what inspires me naturally as I walk around the streets where I live or elsewhere.  Afterwards, I look at the images and think about them, the time it takes to find similarities of content and form.  Eventually, ideas, themes or atmospheres appear.  When I go back to the streets, I look for more of those kinds of photos while still taking pictures of what inspires me naturally.  I take pictures of a particular kind until I have my fill and then I move on.


After years of taking pictures for my own enjoyment, I felt the need to share them.  I dared to think that they might please some of you.  Realizing that the Internet is the showcase of the times, life circumstances allowed me set up this website to share my pictures with you.


I present you my series of photos or "photoseries" as I like to call them:. I regularly add new ones, so please visit the site often..


If you enjoyed these photos, send me your e-mail address so I can let you know when others become available.  Click on the CONTACT ME tab.  I look forward to your comments or requests for information.  


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Louise Verdone, Montreal, Quebec, Canada